Classical Wedding


Traditional styled wedding images. In the vein of what most people expect to see, but don’t be afraid to give it a twist.

Reportage Wedding

Photo-documentary styled wedding shots. More candid and natural in nature.

Wedding Album


A wedding album that you have produced and designed. Any size.

Styled Shoot (can be self-commissioned)

Away from the constraints of a wedding day you can let your hair (or your bride’s hair) down with something extraordinary!


Studio Portrait


Portraits utilising controlled lighting within controlled conditions.

Environmental Portrait

Portraits on location away from the studio. Outdoors or indoors, but tell a story with the background



(under 12 months)
Creative ways to show off a bambino!

Pet Portrait


Any pet image, can be shot in the studio or out on location.

Self-commissioned Portrait

Something you’ve done off your own bat. A chance to show something out of the ordinary that a client wouldn’t normally commission.


Architectural & Industrial

Buildings, manufacture, engineering etc, images intended for commercial use.



Images commissioned to advertise a product or service, can be studio or location.

Fashion & Beauty


Images commissioned to showcase hair, make-up or clothing.

Photojournalism & Editorial

Photography undertaken for newspapers and magazines.



All animal life shot within a commercial context, whether at home or abroad, but not contained – so no zoos!

Self-commissioned Commercial

We all need to shoot personal work to push our creative boundaries. Show off your ability to try something impressive and new.

Fine Art


Landscape & Travel

Inspired outdoor photography that literally could be anywhere.

Fine Art


Self motivated images shot with the intention of future exhibition, stock or print sales.

Street & Documentary

A genre that is very much in-vogue currently. Let’s see how you view the everyday world we live in!

Digital Manipulation

One for the Photoshop nuts… Take an image somewhere crazy!

Other Categories


An open category for non-members – a chance for non BIPP members to show us their best work. Can be commissioned or non-commissioned.