BIPP Regional Awards 2019


Welcome to the freshly baked 2019 BIPP Regional Awards.


We’re bringing all nine of the BIPP’s regions together under one umbrella to create a more unified and inclusive awards structure. We hope every member is keen to get involved and show off the superb work we know you’re all producing.

While each region will still have their own dedicated awards, the timeline, categories and judging criteria are now standardised across every region, ensuring all members, no matter where they are located, have the same awards opportunities.
Maybe more importantly this will allow us to harmonise the regional and national awards so that we can automatically push the best work from our regional awards straight into the 2020 national awards later in the year; minimising your hassle and maximising your investment in time and printing.

Online entries for every region are open now and the deadline for digital entries is 23:00 Sunday May 12th.


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